FAQ about Omi mirror for Chromecast/Roku/Smart TV(Samsung etc.) on Mac
  • Phoebe Grey

Frequently Asked Questions about how to mirror my Mac to Chromecast/Roku/Smart TV(Samsung etc.) with Omi Mirror?

Q: My Mac is asking for access to Screen Recording. Should I allow that?

Yes, this is required to make sure the screen mirror can work, please check Why should I allow the access to Screen Recording when start mirroring? for detail steps.

Q: Why there is 2-3 seconds delay when I mirror the screen?

When casting screen, the screen will be recorded to stream and be transcoded by system at first which cost much time. Then it will be sent to TV through connection tunnel, which depended on your network performance. All these precesses will cause latency. We have already do lots of optimization reduce latency as more as passible to make sure we are the best on the app store.

Q: Why the app doesn’t find my device that I want to stream to?

Please make sure that your TV and Mac are connected to the same network. If you have problems discovering your device, here are more troubleshooting tips that can help Why Omi mirror doesn’t find the device that I want to cast to?

Q: My TV can be found but always failed on screen mirroring, What should I do?

Please click the failed information area on the bottom of the Screen Mirroring view, or right click status icon to do Issue Diagnosis, then follow the steps to find solution.

Q: Why can't I adjust the playback progress on TV when playing some video or play with specific subtitle / audio track?

For the video which codec is not standard, or it need to hardcoding subtitle / audio track into the stream, Omi Mirror will do transcoding on the fly when streaming. That means the video on TV is live stream which can not be fast forward / rewind, but you can adjust playback progress on the app client and it will restream from the adjusted position.

Q: The TV don’t have any sound during screen mirroring

If you want to have sound when mirroring screen, you need to install the audio driver Here and click "Enable Audio When Mirroring" option.

Q: The sound of TV is jumpy and stutter during screen mirroring. What should I do?

Mirror Screen with sound will take up a lot of system resource. It will cause performance issue if your Mac model is too old. Please make video quality lower and close other large apps when casting screen with audio

Q: Why I can watch Netflix on my Mac and use screen mirroring at the same time?

The error is like “Whoops, something went wrong…There appears to be a display problem. Please ensure your monitor is HDCP compliant and is not mirrored using Airplay.” This problem only exist on the Safari browser. When you use the Chrome or the Firefox browser, the same content (in this case “Designated Survivor” from Netflix) will play just fine. So whenever you see this error message appearing, please download and install Chrome or Firefox for Mac and use one of those two browsers to watch Netflix.

Q: Why some apps can not be casted, or why some DVD or movies can not be casted?

Some apps block Screen Mirroring. This means that application developers can choose themselves if they want to block Screen Mirroring. For instance, Netflix, Disney+ and Apple TV have decided to block this.

Apple has HDCP DRM protection for playing DVDs or iTunes Movies. This means that they also block screen mirroring when watching DVDs or iTunes Movies.